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Looking for shortcuts (

Existing Function Keys in gvSIG CE (technical preview)

Shortcut keys Effect
Alt+1 Project manager
Alt+2 View 1
Alt+3 View 2
key="s" icon="project-save"
key="l" icon="layer-add"
key="y" icon="view-pan"
key="+" icon="view-zoom-in"
key="-" icon="view-zoom-out"
key="w" icon="view-zoom-map-contents"
key="q" icon="view-zoom-to-seleccion"
key="b" icon="view-zoom-back"
key="d" icon="view-clear-selection"
key="i" icon="view-query-information"
key="u" icon="view-query-distance"
key="o" icon="view-query-area"
key="t" icon="layer-show-attribute-table"
key="f" icon="table-filter"
key="m" icon="table-selection-up"
key="z" icon="table-undo"
key="r" icon="table-redo"
key="g" icon="Opens DB connections manager"
key="k" icon="edition-command-stack"
key="t" "TILE" icon="images/tile.gif"
key="c" "CASCADA" icon="images/cascada.gif
key="f" "DATALOCATOR" icon="view-locator"
key="h" "HYPERLINK" icon="images/Link.png"
key="a" "SELALL" icon="images/select-all-icon.png"

Shortcuts to be included in the next release. Please take a look how other GIS software (e.g. gvSIG, QGIS) have currently included them in order to make easier the user also the work with gvSIG CE. Some of the shortcuts listed below are functionalities that aren't in gvSIG CE but exist in other Desktop GIS. I've listed them in order to consider it for next releases or to find the best shortcut for existing ones.

Shortcut keys Effect
Ctrl+N New Project
Ctrl+O Open Project
Ctrl+Shift+S Save Project As
Ctrl+Q Exit (!= key="q" icon="view-zoom-to-seleccion")
Ctrl+X Cut Features
Ctrl+C Copy Features (!= key="c" "CASCADA" icon="images/cascada.gif)
Ctrl+V Paste Features
Ctrl+Shift+U Show All Layers
Ctrl+Shift+H Hide All Layers
Ctrl+?? Preferences
Ctrl+?? Zoom Manager
F12 show layer properties
Map Navigation
F5 Refresh and redraw the display
< Go back to the previus extent
> Go forward to the previus extent
Table of Contents
Spacebar Turn on/off selected layers
Ctrl+Spacebar Turn on/off all layers
F2 Rename selected layer
Alt+click check box on TOC Turn layer you clicked on; turn all other layers off
Ctrl+double-click Open table for any item in the table of contents
Ctrl+A Select all records
Ctrl+Backspace Deselect all records
Ctrl+U Switch selection
Ctrl+up arrow Go to first cell in the current column
Ctrl+down arrow Go to last cell in the current column
Ctrl+Shift+F Open Field Calculator for the current Field