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  • Merge in OpenCAD extension
    • integrate with existing extCAD
    • test and make sure all tools are available
    • activate "_spline" action in config.xml?
  • Remove extIconTheme (useless?)
  • Remove extMeasureGeometry (unfinished?)
  • extGridLayout does not get compiled by build.xml in appgvSIG. Is it outdated?
  • ChartLegend now integrated in Symbology? Is "TABLE_TO_IMAGE" command available?


  • New splashscreen(!)
  • Integrate Kevin Well's new color schemes and OADE color schemes.
  • Update icons (fix missing ones).

Support files

Native binaries

  • Update to latest libjni-gdal.
  • Add new SAGA and GRASS binaries.

Before compilation

  • Rebranding: Find all occurrences of "OADE" and replace with "CE".
  • Edit appgvSIG/src/com/iver/cit/gvsig/ to set the target release version.

After compilation

  • Copy the files from the subfolders of the "overlays" SVN folder into the corresponding folders of the gvSIG CE binary distribution. Overwrite any existing files.
  • Add latest SEXTANTE (!!)
  • Add latest NavTable

Things to test

  • Intensively test all the recent raster engine patches
  • Test all the CAD tools, make sure the 1.11 tools are all there!
  • Function-by-function comparison with gvSIG 1.12, to make sure nothing is missing.


  • Update raster drivers to GDAL 1.9.x
  • Eliminate separate MrSID and ECW drivers and replace them with the GDAL drivers
  • Create 64 bit binaries
  • Change bundled JDK to OpenJDK 6 (7?)
  • Minor user interface tweaks (especially raster tools and color palettes)
  • Merge all functionality in the gvSIG 1.12 repository; especially the changes from the OpenCAD project
  • Integrate SEXTANTE 0.7, GRASS 6.4.2 and SAGA 2.0.8
  • Kick out every geoprocessing tool that is not maintained actively any longer and has a SEXTANTE/GRASS/SAGA equivalent
  • Fix everything that is marked "critical" or "blocker" on the bug tracker