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Our wiki site runs on WikiMedia software. If you have ever used Wikipedia, then you have already made your acquaintance with that system.

The gvSIG CE Wiki has been configured to work in much the same way. The following is a very brief introduction to its use.


Finding pages (navigation)

Unlike a CMS (such as Drupal or Joomla!), a wiki does not provide a lot of hierarchical structure (like book chapters, page categories, etc.), but works rather like a collection of pages that are loosely connected with each other via references (links). Some pages may be written to act like indexes by providing ordered references to other pages.

So to make good use of this wiki, you will at least need to know how to navigate through them and find what you are looking for.

The sidebar menu titled "Navigation" (to the left of this text) offers only a few broad categories. Check out each of them for an explanation of their content and pointers to further, related pages. Each page in the system has a unique name.

If you don't know where to start, enter a search term into the "Search" field in to right corner of the wiki. There are two buttons next to it:

  1. The Go button allows you to directly jump to a page of you know its unique name (capitalization matters!).
  1. Otherwise, use the Search button to bring up a list of pages that match your search terms.

Note: if you type the name of a page that does not exist into the "Search" field, and click Go, then a new, blank page will be created with that precise name (remember that capitalization matters) and you will be put into editing mode. If you don't want this, then press the Cancel button at the bottom of the editor area.

Otherwise, read more about editing pages below.

Editing existing pages

In order to edit existing pages or create new ones, you must be logged in as a registered users. Go to the Main Page to find out how to register.

Simply click the Edit button on the top of the page you are interested in. Alternatively, click the Edit button associated with only the section of a longer page you wish to edit. You will be put into editing mode. The page's (or section's) text will appear in a rectangular, framed editing area.

The buttons on top of the editing area allow for some limited formatting and creating links to other pages or external web pages. But if you really want to become proficient at editing WikiMedia pages, you need to learn the (very simple) conventions for text markup.

A short summary of the most important markups can be found on the WikiMedia Editing page.

Full information (including on how to include links and images) can be found on the WikiMedia Editor index page.

Creating new pages

In order to edit existing pages or create new ones, you must be logged in as a registered users. Go to the Main Page to find out how to register.

There are basically two ways to create a new page.

The preferred one is to find a page which strongly relates to the topic of your new page and set a new internal link (in double brackets '[[') with the name of your new page. Save your edits, then click on the new link (which will be red to indicate that the page does not yet exist). It will open in editor mode and you can start writing your new page.

The less preferred way, which you should only go if none of the available pages relate to your new one, is to type the name of your new page into the "Search" field, then press Go. Remember: you need to make a link from an existing page to your new one at some point. Otherwise, users will only have the search function to ever find your page.


This wiki tries to adopt a few conventions in order to keep a coherent look.

  1. User interface elements: When describing user interface elements, please use italics to indicate the name of a widget, key or or file (anything the user can interact with). Use quotes (") when referring to a static, visible component (like the label of a text field or the title of a window).
  2. Capitalization: In page names and section headings, please capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.

Whenever in doubt, take a look at existing pages and try to adopt their style, formatting and typing conventions.

Finding more information

Rather than duplicating existing information, we would like to point you to the existing resources on the WikiMedia project site.

Consult the WikiMedia User's Guide for full information on using this wiki software.

And that concludes this brief introduction. Take a look around the Wiki now, and try whatever function your are interested in. There is really nothing you can break that an administrator can't fix easily!