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This page is meant as a space for evolving documents related to gvSIG CE (artwork, brochures, presentations, tutorial videos, etc.)


Media and artwork

This is a collection of images and other media that members of the gvSIG CE project team and community have created. Everything here is under a Creative Commons or equivalent license, unless otherwise stated. Please use this material in your presentations, web pages, or any other project and/or promotional material.


This is the gvSIG Community Edition logo, created by the gvSIG CE project team. (c) 2011 by the gvSIG CE project team (

It shows the stylized outlines of land and water on Earth framed by the initials of Community Edition (CE). Spatialjoe 18:57, 5 May 2011 (UTC)

How to use

This logo has been created using Inkscape. The original vectorial artwork is contained in Inkscape SVG files. The different rasterized versions have been derived from the flat design in "logo-2d.svg" for sizes between 8 and 64 pixels. From 64 pixels upward, the more stylish "logo-3d.svg" was used.

There are also versions of the logo that include the "gvSIG Community Edition" label as text.

All logo files are (SVG and rasterized versions are) available in our SVN Repository.

License terms

This logo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 license. You are free to share and modify this artwork and use it in your own work, as long as you give credit to the original creators.

See [1] for details.

gvSIG CE Brochure

Here is the gvSIG CE Brochure (c) 2011 by the gvSIG CE project team and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0

A gvSIG CE Flyer in german is available here

NOTE: This brochure should be updated. Actually we are not supporting the integration of SAGA in gvSIG CE 1.0 milestone 1

gvSIG CE Poster

[Draft Poster gvSIG CE]


The current gvSIG icons are not very good:

  • They are too small (16x16)
  • Some of them are very ugly.
  • There is no consistent styling.
  • Different functions sometimes share identical icons.

There are several places in which gvSIG stores icons:

  1. The images subfolders of the extension folders.
  2. The images subfolder of org.gvsig.iconThemeBase.

The latter gets loaded as an extension and will override any other extension's icon paths. It has icons in 16x16 and 22x22 sizes. It is currently unclear how to choose the icon size. There seems to be no option for this in andami-config.xml. It almost seems like 16x16 is hard-coded in the extension.

Icon can be associated with icon bar slots and menu entries via the extension's config.xml files.

A good size for menu list icons is 16x16.

A good size for icon bar icons is 24x24.

Implementation plan:

  1. Create a new theme folder in org.gvsig.iconThemeBase.
  2. Make it the default icon theme.
  3. Store both 16x16 and 24x24 versions in subfolders of the new base theme.
  4. Come up with a good naming scheme.
  5. Rework all config.xml files to use the new theme.


  1. Base on:,
  2. The above is in turn based on ( Tango), so more icon (elements) can be found in that set.
  3. A great free icon editor that works with true color PNGs is IcoFX (Windows only).
  4. An excellent pixel editor (cross platform) is here: (256 color palette/indexed)
  5. Use subtle color toning to distinguish icon groups (e.g. CAD icons in one tone).
  6. For palette-based pixel editors like grafx2, it is necessary to first create a global palette: merge all of the icons above into one PNG, then import that into grafx2 and have it create a new, global palette.

gvSIG CE Annual Report

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2012

Release Documentation