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0000284SEXTANTEAlgorithms (geoprocessing)public2012-06-10 10:422012-07-02 16:44
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Platformwindows_intelx86OSWindows 32 bitOS Version2000/XP/Vista/7
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Target Version1.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0000284: Sum a raster within polygon boundaries
DescriptionAdd SUM to the result of Grid statistics in polygons (Tools for polygon layers)
to sum the values of a raster set that fall within the boundaries of polygons and assign those values as attributes to the polygon shapefile.
See also: http://osgeo-org.1560.n6.nabble.com/Sum-a-raster-within-polygon-boundaries-td4976163.html [^]
Additional InformationI've tested it in gvSIG CE and the result was the avg -, min- and max-value (not the sum).
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ruth (administrator)
2012-07-02 16:44

The following error occurs after executing the command:
"awk required, please install awk or gawk first"
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:56 GRASS: C:\Programme\gvsig-oade-2010-1.0.0\grass/scripts/v.rast.stats: line 77: basename: command not found
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:56 GRASS: C:\Programme\gvsig-oade-2010-1.0.0\grass/scripts/v.rast.stats: line 80: which: command not found


Having installed gawk under windows had no effect.

Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:54 INFO: Executing command: autoextent("true")
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:54 INFO: Executing command: runalg("grass:v.rast.stats", "basins", "1", "mdt25.asc", "test", "90", "true", "true")
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:54 INFO: Starting algorithm execution...:02.07.2012 18:39:54
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:54 INFO: Setting GRASS region: g.region save=saved_region_b3d4d152_eda9_4e7c_b5a7_7b726384652d
g.region n=4464275.0 s=4454025.0 e=277871.525725 w=262846.525725 res=25.0

Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:55 INFO: Importing data into GRASS: r.in.gdal input="C:\AGIT_2012\Praesentationen\ws_daten\raster\mdt25.asc" band=1 out=SGI_ffba236a_7897_48ab_9f10_dd449c92099b --overwrite -o
r.null map=SGI_ffba236a_7897_48ab_9f10_dd449c92099b setnull="-99999.0"
v.in.ogr min_area=-1 dsn="C:\AGIT_2012\Praesentationen\ws_daten\shp" layer=basins output=SGI_f3ffb343_1554_477f_96df_ec9d0ba87e35 --overwrite -o

Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:56 INFO: Running GRASS command: v.rast.stats vector=SGI_f3ffb343_1554_477f_96df_ec9d0ba87e35 layer=1 raster=SGI_ffba236a_7897_48ab_9f10_dd449c92099b colprefix=test percentile=90 -c -e --overwrite

Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:56 INFO: Cleaning up: g.remove -f --q rast=SGI_ffba236a_7897_48ab_9f10_dd449c92099b vect=SGI_f3ffb343_1554_477f_96df_ec9d0ba87e35
g.region region=saved_region_b3d4d152_eda9_4e7c_b5a7_7b726384652d
g.remove -f --q region=saved_region_b3d4d152_eda9_4e7c_b5a7_7b726384652d

Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:57 INFO: Finished algorithm execution:02.07.2012 18:39:57
Mo, 02-Jul-2012 18:39:57 INFO: Execution time (milisecs):2219

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