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gvSIG Community Edition - Change Log

gvSIG Community Edition - gvSIG CE 1.0.0 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]

Stable release of the gvSIG Community Edition. Contains all relevant features and bug fixes from the CIT's gvSIG 1.x plus the additional work done for CE.

- 0000009: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Display more decimal places in coordinate fields of data View (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000349: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Change default file type for saving "legends" (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000178: [Source code and SVN] Java 7 upgrade (benducke) - resolved.
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gvSIG Community Edition - gvSIG CE (trunk) (Released 2011-06-16) View Issues ]
- 0000719: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Renderer: Closing a View interrupts renderer -> unrecoverable state (llooo) - resolved.
- 0000536: [GPS and georeferencing] Transformation no longer working/not possible to georeference an image (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000561: [Symbology and labels] Interval type legend and "other values" throws out-of-bounds error (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000368: [Map layout and publication] Crashes when moving objects in the map layout (josecanalejo) - resolved.
- 0000437: [CAD editor] Hard-coded path to file with reserved field names (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000180: [Vector processing] Automatic loading and applying of vector layer styles (fergonco) - resolved.
- 0000091: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Add a better resize handle to MDI windows (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000131: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Change gvSIG main window title (josecanalejo) - resolved.
- 0000122: [Translations and messages] Java error message (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000714: [Raster processing] WMS bitmap legend is cropped on the right edge (benducke) - closed.
- 0000194: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Project Manager Window: Change button label "New" to "Add" in "Tables" tab (benducke) - closed.
- 0000092: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Add a neutral tool as new default tool (benducke) - closed.
- 0000098: [Graphical User Interface (GUI)] Provide larger, better and more consistent icons (benducke) - closed.
- 0000034: [Map layout and publication] Include some addition color schemes (benducke) - closed.
- 0000199: [Map layout and publication] Symbol library (josecanalejo) - closed.
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SEXTANTE - Change Log

SEXTANTE - Trunk (Released 2011-06-15) View Issues ]

Current SEXTANTE version in SVN trunk. Marked "Released" and "Obsolete" so that it will not show up in roadmaps.

- 0000085: [GRASS GIS algorithm provider] GRASS (v.*) modules hang on vector layer import (benducke) - resolved.
- 0000145: [Input/output data providers] Selection of wrong features in vector layers (nachouve) - resolved.
- 0000125: [Binaries and installer] Sample models need to be updated in the nigthly build distribution (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000111: [Algorithms (geoprocessing)] Vector input not set properly (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000103: [GRASS GIS algorithm provider] v.clean returns a GrassExecutionException (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000053: [Algorithms (geoprocessing)] "Filter vector layer" doesn't parse string values correctly (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000069: [Algorithms (geoprocessing)] Merge grids: does not handle "no data" cells well (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000059: [Algorithms (geoprocessing)] Perturbate points layer: don't trust the output (volaya) - resolved.
- 0000027: [GRASS GIS algorithm provider] GRASS sibling algorithms make many things harder: remove (volaya) - resolved.
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